A Surprisingly Beautiful Comment


Yesterday, I received one of the biggest compliments that I have gotten in a long, long time. At least from my perspective.

There is a woman that I work with who has been with her boyfriend for about 10 years, now. She’s older than I am, but still quite young (27, I think?). She’s adorable and smart and funny and has always helped me with everything that I’ve ever needed help with during the two summers that I have worked there. From day one she was nice to me and made me feel at home, and I respect her for that…not everyone will be nice to an intern.

So now that I’ve sufficiently proven how much I admire this person, I can adequately relay my surprise when during a random conversation between her, myself and some other people in the department, she turned to me and said: “You have great taste. I love all of your ideas for your wedding, and whenever I get married, I just might have to steal them from you.”

I believe at the time, we were discussing engagement rings and her ideal ring (which does not include a diamond as the center stone, but her boyfriend’s birthstone so that they she is “tied to him” through the ring, which I thought was super sweet and thoughtful). I felt so honored that she called my ring (with a diamond center stone) unique and beautiful.

There are other similarities too. Neither of us will wear a wedding band after we are married – the engagement ring and wedding ring will be one and the same. She loved my initial ideas for wedding dresses (straps, lace, A-line, etc etc etc) and she’s in such amazing shape that she could wear basically any type of dress she wanted. There are other things that I’m sure we’ve discussed and I can’t remember. In some ways we’re very, very different, but the fact that she said she loved all of my ideas enough to use them in her own eventual wedding was extremely heartwarming to me.

Some brides-to-be might be threatened by such a statement. I think I’ve read articles about that sort of thing…the polite way to say “thank you for the compliment, but I’m sure you’ll find your own way to put a unique twist on things.” But the thing is, I’m not threatened at all. In fact, I would love if she, or pretty much anyone I know, is so inspired by our wedding details that they’d copy them to use on their own special day. Even if their wedding was before ours, or the guest lists were virtually the same, each wedding (no matter the color, centerpieces, flowers or venues) has its own special feeling that comes from the relationship between the bride and the groom. And when you get down to it, all weddings are basically the same. Sure, there’s an element of “who did it best” to the whole shindig, but at the end of the day everyone attending a wedding is there to celebrate, not to judge.

I don’t think she reads this blog, but I want to thank her for giving me such a wonderful compliment. I hope that everyone will enjoy our wedding and think it’s beautiful. But if our love and our celebration of that love can inspire others…even in something so simple as centerpieces…well, that’s even better.

[At this point, I’ve given up trying to publish on certain days. For a while, I was trying to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday but, as you can tell, that hasn’t really been working out. For now, my goal is to continue posting at least one or two times each week while focusing on making the blog itself a more coherent overall story as opposed to my random ramblings about this or that detail. Let me know if there are certain topics you’d like me to write about (or things you’re wondering about our wedding!) and I’ll try to do that if I can!]


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