My Case of Wedding-Brain


Upon reflection, I realize that this blog has been kind of all over the place lately. I try to keep everything relevant and semi-interesting in case people actually are reading these posts, but sometimes it’s hard to find things to write about that flow in an organized thought pattern. One day I’m promising I’ll write about dress shopping (I do swear that that post is coming soon), then the next thing you know, I’m publishing a rant about invitations and guest lists or posing the question of whether you think a boudoir shoot as a gift to Shaun is entirely insane. (By the way…still no feedback on that front. What do you people think? I’m seriously torn about that one.)

Part of the reason I’ve been so scatterbrained in my writing lately is because I’m trying to be better about publishing regularly. So whether it’s something that I love but would never wear myself (see the post about my celeb idol Amber Riley), or an update on our wedding planning itself, I want to post something so that when you come to this blog for an update, there will actually be something to read.

As for me and my mental state…

She's waiting (impatiently) to marry her man...just like me.


Right now I’m in ultra severe wedding-envy mode. A lot of my Facebook friends are getting married this summer/fall or planning weddings for summer/fall and their statuses keep me almost compulsively checking for updates…even if I know I won’t be invited. I’m especially guilty of creeping on wedding photos when I know there’s a ceremony that took place recently. (I like to think of my slight obsession as flattering to the couple…but who knows. Maybe its just creepy.)

The truth is, I wish our wedding was this year. Hell, I wish it was tomorrow. As much as I know we’re going to enjoy the party, at the end of the day our wedding is about Shaun and I becoming husband and wife. I’ve seen advice to couples just starting their planning that they should make the wedding about 6 months from the time they get engaged. Crazy? Perhaps. Especially when you have a pesky thing like school to work around (who wants to get married during finals week?) And have specific venues or vendors in mind. But I’m starting to see the upside to the crazy flurry of planning a wedding in a short amount of time. You spend less time as “to-be” and more time being.

I’m having a lot of fun planning details of the wedding, and I know that it’s going to be a little less frustrating as we get closer (you should seriously see some of the looks I got back in February when I was booking things for July…2012.) Soon will come the time when we can actually start planning the fun details instead of just the general ideas.

So for now I’m suck with wedding brain. The kind where I see a shade of green and think, “I wonder if there’s a shade just a little bit darker…” Or I see a flower and think, “Would that look good with a cake?” The kind where I can’t stop reading ridiculously over-styled wedding blogs to the point where I think I now have higher expectations for the “look” of the big day than I did even before I got engaged. Honestly, it was something I’d never really thought about before. Until now…when I think about it constantly.

But in about a year, we’ll be the ones whose wedding photos you’re stalking on Facebook. And then it will all be worth it.


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  1. I’ll obviously be stalking. i live for wedding pictures on facebook. there are some pictures i go to look at about once every 2 months. from 3 years ago.

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