The Disaster Dress


Remember this?

I posted a picture of this dress on the blog last month after I found it online and absolutely adored it. It’s a great shape, I love the bling and the clean lines…I thought I loved everything about it. Even better? When my mom and I arrived at Tie the Knot in Green Bay on May 10th, there was the dress…hanging on the plus size rack! Just begging me to try it on! What ensued was a fabulous lesson for me in the difference between a dress on paper and a dress on the body.

Where to begin? I can’t show you a picture because of store policy that doesn’t allow you to take photographs of yourself in the dresses (pretty standard, I’m sorry to say). You’ll have to take my word for it, but…this dress looked awful on me. Awful. I knew it the moment I put it on.

I’ve tried on both natural waist and dropped-waist dresses before this experience, so I had an idea of how both can compliment my body. This dress did not. It hit in all the wrong places and flared in all the wrong places, resulting in me looking even shorter and wider than I am.

The V-neck, which I loved and still love, was much too low for me. To elaborate, the strapless bra I was wearing was clearly visible when I had the dress on. That is, about two inches of it were clearly visible. The bling, which was so prettily placed in the photo, looked thrown into some random spot without rhyme or reason when the dress was on me…no fault of the dress, mind you…just another reminder that this was certainly not the gown I’d be marrying Shaun in.

And finally the skirt. Oh the skirt. There was just so much of it. So. Much. I got tangled in it. I couldn’t walk in it. I didn’t want a large ball gown, but a large ball gown I was wearing. The dress swallowed me, even though it was probably a few sizes too small.

It was an instant no, but I’m still glad that I got to try it on. There were many other dresses that I tried on that day (with better results!), but this one sticks out in my mind for different reasons entirely. It’s great to get ideas of what you want to try on from the Internet before dress shopping…and in every respect this dress fit what I thought I was looking for in my wedding gown until I tried it on. At the end of the day, it was just one more reason why I will never trust myself to order my dress online…especially without trying it on first.


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