What’s Important


One thing that keeps coming up over and over as we talk wedding (and especially wedding budgets!) is figuring out what’s important. In other words, what are the things that are worth spending the extra money on, and where should we try to save? It seems that everywhere we turn, different people have different opinions, and I’m extremely interested to hear what they (and you!) have to say.

My grandma once told me that the pictures are the most important thing on your wedding day. Everything else will be basically done after that day, but you will keep those pictures forever. You want a good photographer, and one who makes good prints, in a style that you appreciate, because these are the photos you’re going to cherish the rest of your life. All in all, I agree with her – and we ended up putting our photographer on the top of our “splurge” list, even though we are getting an amazing price for high quality photos from our photographer, Tricia DeWar!

When talking to my mom about flowers the other day, I mentioned that I “don’t really care” what they look like as long as they’re pretty. I mean, flowers die. I have some ideas of what I’d like the flowers to look like, but they lie mainly in color schemes. Specific flowers and arrangements aren’t something I consider super important, at least not enough to break the bank over. My mom revealed to me that flowers were one of her most important things on her wedding list! We still haven’t picked a florist. I haven’t even started talking to any, really. That will be a summer job, because choosing a florist is more about getting a feel for their personality and style. But I don’t want to break the bank over flowers. I want them to be pretty, and the color that I want. That’s about it.

I was also recently talking to one of my bridesmaids (who just got married herself last summer) about how expensive DJ services are. Again, a DJ is not something I consider high on my list of “splurge” priorities. As long we get our special songs (first dance, father/daughter, mother/son, etc.) and as long there is music playing and people enjoy it, I will be fine with that. But she said she’s been at several weddings where a bad DJ really ruined the party. Shaun and I finally picked a friend of ours who does DJ’ing to play at our wedding, and I think he’s going to be really great (plus we’re getting a great price!)

With all of these opinions all over the place, and so many conflicting with each other, I’m wondering what other people consider their “most important” splurge for the wedding. Obviously you want everything to be nice, but priorities have to come into play somewhere, unless you’re throwing a million dollar extravaganza (which we are not). Food? Music? Pictures? Flowers? The Dress? So many choices…so little money.


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