My Favorite Wedding Websites


I’ve heard a lot lately that people are living vicariously through my wedding planning experience. I’ve gotten some really positive feedback about this blog as well, so thank you to all of you who read! It’s nice to be able to share this experience with my friends and family. 🙂

For all of you out there who are getting married soon, are starting to think about marriage, or who just love weddings, here are some websites and blogs that I’ve been frequenting more often than I should lately (seriously, I’m starting to think of homework as cutting into my “wedding blog” time.) Enjoy!

The Knot

You have to register, but the Knot is a great place for brides-to-be to get a lot of great ideas, see vendors in their area and get wedding advice.

I love this site for the pictures (dresses, bridesmaid dresses, reception ideas, everything!). The planning tools like the Wedding Website, budget tracker and to-do list are great too and I use them often. The biggest downside is that there aren’t really any vendors from Wisconsin listed…but if you live in a bigger city you might have more luck.

Glamour Weddings

I subscribe to Glamour magazine, so I might be a little bit biased, but I adore the wedding section of Glamour’s website. Weddings aren’t featured in the magazine much, but Glamour’s bloggers tackle topics ranging from fashion to etiquette to the strains that wedding planning can put on your relationship.

Another thing I love about this site? The comments that readers leave are usually intelligent and not inflammatory. I guess this might be because I usually read comments on political stories, but I expect a lot more animosity from online commenters, and I don’t see it here – even on the controversial articles.

Wedding Chicks

What would my list of favorite websites be without Wedding Chicks? For starters, their blog has consistently the prettiest ideas that I have seen, and they sometimes even tell you how you can replicate the idea yourself for cheap. I especially love their giveaways. Case in point – Shaun and I won our engagement photos in Chicago with photographer Cristina G from a Wedding Chicks giveaway!

These ladies do a great job of connecting brides with vendors, and I love checking out their blog and tweets daily to see what’s new or to get creative ideas for my own wedding next summer.

Broke-Ass Bride

I don’t visit this blog quite as much as the others, but I love her witty tweets. The one section that I do frequent on this blog is called “Can’t Afford It/Get Over It.” She shows readers affordable look-alike dresses based on a specific, but pricey style. I loved her Grace Kelly edition of the “Can’t Afford It/Get Over It,” but that might just be my love of old Hollywood glamour.

That’s it for now…but I’ll post more as I think of them! 🙂


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