Another Dress and a Weekend at Home


I haven’t written anything in a few days, and I’m supposed to be working on a couple of papers due Thursday…so I figured this might be a good time to write a new blog post. Even though there isn’t much to say. 🙂

This weekend I went home for the first time since the semester started. It was amazing to spend time with my family and Shaun’s family. Not only is it nice to spend time with the people I love, but everyone has been so helpful with planning the details of the wedding (even though it’s still a year and a half away!) that the process has gone extremely smoothly so far. It helps that I have a lot of older cousins who have already gone through this and can recommend various venders, but a lot of the decisions we’ve made so far have come based on recommendations from people we know, so thank you to everyone!

This weekend, we decided that our cake will be made by Cake Designs by JoAnn, based in Algoma, WI. We’ve gotten a few cakes from her before and have always loved them, so we knew that she would be the perfect person to design our wedding cake. Not only that, but when my mom and I met with her at North Water Bakery, she was so down to earth and helpful that we knew right away she would be a blast to work with.

We also took a short trip to Tina Marie’s, also in Algoma. Even though we didn’t have an appointment, the owner took us up to the Bridal section (which is absolutely packed with gorgeous dresses) and tried on a few. The dress that my mom liked the best was a halter with a lot of pretty beading. I liked the way it fit, but I think something about the dress from Oconomowoc just seems to fit my personality better, at least so far. The good news? Tina Marie’s also carries that brand, so they could order that dress if it turns out to be “the one.” Based on her amazing hospitality, great selection and prices and great eye for fashion, I would be extremely surprised if my bridal party and I did not buy our dresses from Tina Marie’s. Here’s the dress from this weekend. Even though I’m not sold on it, it’s still pretty and was very flattering on me…I’m just worried it’s a little too “average” looking:

In the mean time, we’ve also been working on invitations (no pictures, those will be a surprise!) and have been looking around at photographers, limos, DJ’s, florists, and tons of other vendors that I never even thought we would have to think about. I’m glad we’re starting early so I won’t have to do as much next year at this time.

What do you think of the dress from this weekend? Better than the last one, or not as good? I’d love to hear feedback on the dresses or recommendations for the vendors we still need!


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  1. the other one was much better. I’m not that big of a fan of halters in the first place, because I think they tend to make people look like they have very wide shoulders…but the first one was more special.

    • I agree with the “special” part. When we were leaving, the owner of the store told me “If you can’t stop dreaming about a dress, you’ll know it’s the one.” I think that’s going to hold true…just not for the dress she put me in, haha. But I can still buy from her which is great, because she’s awesome. 🙂

  2. Oh Kim, I can’t believe we’re all grown up! How exciting is it that we’re all getting to that point in our lives that we’ve dreamed about since we were little girls.

    I’ve been on a lot of dress hunts as of late! A bunch of my family members and friends have recently become engaged, or married.

    From my experience, if you cry when you put it on, that’s THE dress. If you look at yourself and are flushed with THE feeling, you know it’s the one. If you love it, but are not in love with it, keep looking.

  3. Oh! I know a lot of people from the area have been going to Flowers By Judy in Luxemburg. My mom had her flowers done there, my sister is having hers done there… and they do a beautiful job !!

  4. Lol sorry for all of these posts! Anyway, my favorite photographer is Tricia Dewar. She’s from Denmark, so also local. If you want to check her out, her website is She photographed one of my sorority sisters’ wedding and did an AMAZING job. She is also very well priced! Hope this helps!

    • Thanks for all of the suggestions, Sam! I love them – keep them coming! Haha. I think someone else recommended Tricia for a photographer so I will definitely have to look into her. We are thinking about getting our flowers from Blossoms in Denmark as well, I’ve heard they are reasonably priced and do a lot of “unique” arrangements, which I love. I’ll keep you all updated on what we eventually choose! Also thanks for the dress advice. You’re totally right about the crying. 🙂

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