My First Dresses!


This weekend, I did it. I went to the first bridal shop with my girls Christy and Jenny and tried on my first wedding dresses! Shaun tagged along too, but this is the only time he’ll be invited to see me try on the gowns that I’ll potentially be wearing the day I marry him.

The shop was Betrothed Boutique in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. It’s the same place where Christy got her wedding dress a year ago and where we got our bridesmaid dresses for her wedding. Plus the owner, Kristy, (confusing!) is her relative, so it was a great place to get over my fear of wedding dress shopping. Our consultant was Shelby, who was really helpful and after a few misses (strapless ballgowns…not my style!) really got what I was looking for and felt most comfortable in.

I tried on about 6 dresses, but the last one was almost perfect. It’s an Ella Rosa dress (a line by Private Label by G) and retails for about $850. Not too bad, but still a little more than we’d like to spend. Still, it’s definitely a contender. I loved the ivory color, the lace and beading on the top and the shape that the dress gave me. I couldn’t believe how thin it made me look and wasn’t frumpy at all! The taffeta skirt fell just right and was the right weight for a summer wedding. It made me look and feel great, but I’m not ready to commit quite yet.

Here are some pictures. I couldn’t get any of me in the dress, but these are from the manufacturer:

The other dress that Christy and Jenny and the consultant liked, but that I wasn’t sold on (especially for the $1500 price tag) is this strapless ball gown, also by Private Label by G. I liked the details on the skirt, but it was much fuller than the picture shows (although I was assured we could take out tulle to make it less puffy). It was really the strapless part that bothered me the most. I tried this dress on right before the one I loved, so it made it extremely clear that what I wanted (listed above) is actually good for my body type and our wedding style. Here is a picture anyway though…just for fun:


All in all, I think it was a great way to start dress shopping. I’m looking forward to doing more shopping with my mom – both in Madison and at home, and also with my sister and Shaun’s mom along at home this summer. It’s reassuring to know that if we don’t find anything else out there, thought, there will be a fantastic option waiting for me in Oconomowoc!


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  1. I agree Taco. The first dress is SO perfect for you. I can totes see you getting married in it. Its simple but not boring and I can see how it would be flattering. The other dress is pretty, but it doesn’t look like something you would be in.


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