Venues Accomplished


Today I’m in a very good mood, wedding-wise (not so much politics-wise, but maybe I’ll post a separate topic on that later). In addition to having our reception hall booked at Beverly Gardens in Denmark, we sent in the deposit to reserve the SSCM Faith Community Chapel in Eaton for the ceremony!

Here are some photos from another wedding at the chapel:

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Cute, right? The reason we ended up choosing the Chapel over some of the parks in there area is because for one price, we get the chapel and the gazebo for the ceremony. Right now, the plan is to set up for an outdoor wedding at the gazebo, but if it rains we’ll move inside the chapel. No worries. No stress. I’m so happy that we chose this place for that reason.

The chapel is also only a few miles (and therefore a few minutes!) from the reception hall, which means less driving for our guests. Always a good thing, since a lot of our friends and family will be coming from out of town that day. I’m so excited to have these big things booked – so at the very least we have a place to get married and a place to celebrate that day, even if we have nothing else.


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