Engagement Photos


I know that two posts in one day is kind of excessive, but this news is too good to wait! This story started one snowy day about a week ago…

I’ve become quite obsessed with various wedding bloggers and have been tracking their updates via Twitter basically since the second we got engaged. One of these blogs, Wedding Chicks, recently posted a contest for a free engagement photo session in Chicago with photographer Cristina G. To make a long story short, after a Facebook voting period where we learned how much our friends and family truly love and support us, Shaun and I won the session!

On Saturday, we trekked down to Chicago to meet with Cristina in the Lincoln Park area. It was quite the experience – driving through Chicago in a full size pickup truck when the roads weren’t exactly clean was something that I’m sure Shaun will never forget. But when we got to the park, all of our stresses were relieved. Cristina was wonderful and made us feel totally comfortable the whole time we were shooting. And the results are amazing!

To see more photos, check out Cristina’s full blog post on Wedding Chicks. Also be sure to visit her website, as her photography and personality made this experience completely magical for us! We feel so blessed to have won this engagement session, especially being so tight on money, and we could not have asked for more beautiful pictures. She made us both feel like models. 🙂


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